Deactivated Italian Breda Bren Gun set

Deactivated Italian Breda Bren Gun set

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Here we have an Italian Version on the well known czechoslovakian Bren Gun used in the Second World War by the British and Commonwealth forces. the main difference is the caliber and therefore magazine shape of the Italian version. The WW2 British used version was a .303 caliber and this being .30caliber (7.62mm). 

This is a great piece and in excellent condition, included in this offer:

  • Magazine box with 12 magazines.
  • Transit Box
  • Ram Rod
  • Spare Barrel

*This weapons is deactivated to current EU spec, it does not cock and dry fire but the bolt does move to the rear and will go forward under the pressure of the spring*

*This weapon is deactivated to Full EU spec* *This does not cock and dry fire*

*Must be 18+ and be able to provide current Name and Address before check out*