Deactivated U.S M1 Carbine

Deactivated U.S M1 Carbine

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Here we have a U.S M1 Carbine semi automatic rifle. 

This rifle was manufactured as a middle ground between the service side arm (1911) and the rifle service (M1 Garand).

The M1 carbine was typically used by Officers, NCOs and gun crews/teams as its light weight and small size made it manageable whilst carrying out other tasks.

The Shortened .30 cal Carbine round was fed from a 15 round box magazine and contrary to common belief still packed a punch.

All of our weapons at JP Militaria are deactivated in the UK and are stamped with either London or Birmingham proof marks.

The working parts move but this weapons cannot cock or dry fire as the bolt and spring are a dummy replacement.

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