Deactivated WW2 MkV Sten gun

Deactivated WW2 MkV Sten gun

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Here is have a WW2 Classic, a Mk5 Sten Gun. This submachine gun famously used by the British and Commonwealth airborne forces.

This 9mm submachine gun entered service in 1944 being first used on "Operation Market Garden" by the Airborne Forces at Arnhem.

The Mark V is a modified and improved version on the MkII, with changes like a wooden pistol grip, Butt and some with a wooden down grip at the front, other modifications are the No4 muzzle allowing the user to fit a No4 Bayonet. 

*This weapon is deactitvated to Full EU spec* *The working parts move to the rear but does not cock and dry fire*

*Must be 18+ and be able to provide Name and Current address before checking out*