Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read our terms and conditions, Understanding these terms and conditions will ensure safe trading between J&C and our customers. The Terms and Conditions will be updated with any changes in the Law or J&C Militaria.

Here at J&C Militaria and Surplus we sell Edged weapons, Deactivated Weapons, Inert Ordanance and other militaria, in accordance with the law proof of age must be provided for the purchase of some items, Furthermore proof of a UK address must be provided in the case of purchasing  Deactivated weapons and this address will be used to update the Home Office of the transfer of the weapon into the customers name.

Proof of age and address will not be used for any other reasons and will be stored as per government guidelines.

J&C Militaria and Surplus are a internet based business and as such do not have a public or trade premisses for any one to visit, we attend some events and these will be listed on the events page.

We will ensure the customer experience and satisfaction is high and will achieve this by uploading accurate pictures and descriptions of our items on the website and be responsive to the needs of the customers via the Phone and Email contact options.

Customers that purchase an item and simply change there mind will not be entitled to a refund, however if the item is noticed to not be as described or pictured then J&C Militaria and Surplus will be our best to rectify the situation. Customers that accept a delivering and sign to say its undamaged will not be entitled to a refund for damage.

We will ship items as soon as possible after reciept of full payment and the method used will have the revelant insurance for the value of the item. If extra costs arise J&C contact the customer to arrange extra funds.

J&C Militaria and Surplus will not accept PayPal payments for Deactived Weapons, this can be done via Bank Transfer or via the website payment system. Paypal will be accepted for all other items will be 5% charge for the extra paypal costs.